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29 May 2015

Presentation of Evidence at Boskovic Trial Ends

Albina Sorguc BIRN BiH Sarajevo

The presentation of evidence at the trial of Srecko Boskovic, who is charged with crimes committed in the Zvornik area, has ended with witnesses being confronted about contradictory statements.

The confrontation of protected witness SB-1 and defense witnesses Dusan Nikolic and Radovan Djokic took place without the public present.

Testifying as the first state prosecution witness in January this year, SB-1 said he heard that defendant Srecko Boskovic had admitted killing a boy.

Nikolic and Djokic, testifying at a hearing held on May 22, said they had never been on the Red Dam.

Boskovic is charged with with shooting a boy at the Red Dam after telling him he was free to go. The crime allegedly occurred after Serb soldiers had shot Bosniaks and buried their bodies on the Red Dam plateau in July 1995.

After the witnesses were confronted, the prosecution presented evidence from Birac Company’s Glinica factory about the workers employed and who kept watch at the dam in 1995.

“It is clearly stated that Radovan Djokic worked with that company in 1995,” prosecutor Predrag Tomic said.

The defense presented documents indicating that Djokic worked as a security guard with Birac Holding company in 1994.

The prosecution and defense will present their closing statements on June 12.

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