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2 April 2014

Police Warn About War Crimes Conman

Goran Obradovic BIRN BiH Banja Luka
Police in Prijedor are searching for a man who they suspect of falsely claiming to be collecting financial aid for the families of war crimes convicts from the Bosnian city.
The Centre for Public Safety in Prijedor told BIRN that local police are searching for the man who has been collecting cash on false pretences by claiming that he is raising funds for the relatives of war criminal Dusan Jankovic and other convicts.

“After an anonymous report on this case, police contacted the Jankovic family, who said that they was not behind it and asked the citizens not to fall for this fraud,” spokesperson Marija Matic said on Tuesday.

Police said the first such incident was reported on March 15.

“We call on all citizens to report to the local police station if they have any information about concrete cases [of such fraud],” said Matic.

Dusan Jankovic, a former commander at the Prijedor police station, was jailed for 21 years last February for participating in the massacre of at least 150 Bosniaks on the Koricanske Stijene cliffs in central Bosnia in August 1992.

Alongside Jankovic, the Bosnian court also convicted ex-fighters Zoran Babic, Milorad Skrbic and Zeljko Stojanic of killings at Koricanske Stijene.

The men who were killed at Koricanske Stijene were Bosniaks from Prijedor who were shot after being taken from a prisoner convoy.
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