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25 February 2008

Pekez et al: Prosecutors Complete Evidence Presentation


The State Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina has completed presenting its evidence against three indictees charged with the shooting of 23 civilians in Jajce municipality.

Dr Hamza Zujo was cross-examined by State Prosecutors as the last witness.

Zujo said he concluded, on the basis of assessment of the corpses, that 22 out of 23 persons, had injuries caused by firearms.

The State Prosecution charges Mirko (son of Spiro) Pekez, Mirko (son of Mile) Pekez and Milorad Savic with having participated in gathering Bosniaks from Ljoljici and Cerkazovici villages on September 10, 1992. After that, they allegedly took them to Tisovac, where they shot them. The indictment alleges that 23 persons were killed and four were wounded on that occasion.

"Asmer Zobic's body was the only one without firearms injuries," Dr Zujo said, explaining that he considered that, in the case of this victim, a bullet passed through the body without damaging any bones.
Asked by Slavica Cvoro, Defence attorney of indictee Mirko (son of Spiro) Pekez, which type of weapons had been used, Zujo said that he did not "want to get involved in the issues of ballistics."

At the end of the presentation of evidence, Prosecutor Mirko Lecic presented the remaining pieces of material evidence, including a Decision on the Proclamation of the State of War in Bosnia as well as death certificates for the Bosniaks issued by the City Cemetery in Visoko.

The trial is due to continue on February 29, when the first indictee's Defence will examine its first witnesses.
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