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10 September 2013

Pavic’s Trial Begins October 24

Stjepana Ivanuš BIRN BiH Livno

As announced at a status conference held before the Cantonal Court in Livno, the beginning of the trial of Ilija Pavic, who is charged with war crimes in Livno, has been scheduled for October 24.

The indictment will be read, introductory statements presented and witnesses examined at the first hearing.

The Livno Cantonal Prosecution announced that it would examine nine witnesses. The Defence will then begin presenting its evidence.

Pavic, former member of the Second Battalion of Military Police with the Croatian Defence Council, HVO, who was armed and accompanied by his colleagues, is charged with having entered Draganja Rosic’s house in Livno on August 8/9, 1992. Draganja’s mother, who was dying, Borka and Milorad Crncevic were in the house at that moment.

The indictment alleges that the HVO members threatened those persons with guns and ordered members of Crncevic family to leave the house. According to the charges, Pavic opened fire from fire arms and shot Milorad Crncevic in his groins area. Crncevic died due to the injuries.

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