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16 April 2013

Remembrance for 116 People Killed in Ahmici

Kenan Kavazovic BIRN BiH Travnik
The twentieth anniversary of crimes committed by the Croatian Defence Council, HVO, in Ahmici village, near Vitez, where 116 civilians were killed, was marked in Stari Vitez and Ahmici.
The anniversary of this crime was marked with a religious ceremony in Stari Vitez, where the victims were buried, and inauguration of a memorial in Ahmici erected in honour of the crime victims.
Elvedin Kermo, member of the 16th April Association of War Victims, says that, out of 116 people killed in Ahmici, 81 have been identified and buried.
“Three more people have been identified, but their burial is yet to take place. 32 people have still not been identified. It is still not know where 15, out of the 32 persons, whose identification is still pending, were buried. The crime perpetrators even hid the bones of our family members in other towns, so some of them were buried at a cemetery in Medjine, Mostar,” Kermo said.
During the attack on Ahmici on April 16, 1993, HVO members killed 116 civilians, including the elderly, women and children. The youngest victim was a three-month old baby, while the oldest victim was 82 years old.
The Hague Tribunal has sentenced seven former members of HVO for the crime committed in Ahmici, while the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has sentenced Pasko Ljubicic to 10 years in prison for that same crime.
A book about the murders, authored by Rasim Muratovic and published by the Institute for research of crimes against humanity and international laws with the Sarajevo University, was launched on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the crime in Ahmici.
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