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9 April 2013

Injured Party’s Statement Trustworthy

Dzenita Dzubur BIRN BiH Bihac
As the trial of Redzap Beganovic before the Bihac Cantonal Court continues, Ivanka Jakovec, court expert in psychology, says that an injured party’s statement is trustworthy.
Presenting her findings and opinion about the injured party’s mental and physical condition, Jakovac said that her statement could be accepted as trustworthy, although she was a minor when she suffered the trauma.

Beganovic, former member of the Fourth Brigade with the National Defence of the so-called Wesrern Bosnia Autonomous Region, is charged with having treated civilians in an inhumane manner and having tried to rape a minor.

Beganovic is charged with having abused Ferid Covic, acting in collaboration with two other people, in Sturlici neighbourhood, Cazin, on December 13, 1993, because his Covic’s son Enes was a member of the Fifth Corps with the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, ARBiH.

The Bihac Cantonal Prosecution charges Beganovic with having taken two minors out of a house and having tried to rape one of them, but he was prevented by another person.

A report from the examination of witness Ferid Covic, who has since died, as well as other pieces of material evidence, were included in the case file at this hearing.

The trial is due to continue on April 12, when indictee Beganovic will testify in his defence.

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