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24 January 2012

Neskovic and Ilic: The Hague Protection Measures

The trial of Dragan Neskovic and Zoran Ilic, who are charged with crimes in Srebrenica, has been postponed due to the determination of protection measures which the witness who was to testify in this trial had in The Hague.

"The witness testified in The Hague with certain protection measures, and although he testified before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a public witness in another case, this Chamber would not violate the measures he had in The Hague. It is necessary to determine what measures he had in The Hague and then we will call this witness and he will testify with the same measures of protection that was given to him by The Hague Tribunal”, said Minka Kreho, Chairwoman of the Trial Chamber of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  
Although Milos Peric, Ilic’s defense counsel, said that the witness who was to testify at this trial on behalf of indictee Ilic testified twice before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina without protection measures, Chairwoman Kreho emphasised that the State Court has no jurisdiction “to call off” protection measures of The Hague Tribunal.
“The Council who did it, has violated the rules, I will not go into the work of other Councils, but we will not violate the protection measures that the witness was given in The Hague”, said Kreho.
The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina charges Neskovic and Ilic with having participated, on July 13 and 14, 1995, in the capture of Bosniak men, who were then taken in groups to the Agricultural Co-operative in Kravica, Bratunac municipality, where they were executed.
The indictment alleges that Neskovic and Ilic were members of the Jahorina Training Centre with the Special Brigade of Republika Srpska police.
Neskovic is charged with having ordered two members of that Unit to kill two captured men of Bosniak ethnicity, which they did.
Ilic is charged with having shot from an automatic gun at a pile of bodies of prisoners, who had already been shot, and that he killed one detainee in the settlement of Jelah.
The hearing of two witnesses is scheduled for the next trial.
The trial is due to continue on January 31 this year.


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