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8 October 2014

Murder in the Centre of Bravsko

Dzenita Durakovic BIRN BiH Bihac
As the trial of Milutin Babic for crimes in Bravsko, near Bosanski Petrovac continues, a Bihac Cantonal Prosecution witness says that he does not remember whether he saw the indictee in the summer of 1992, when a prisoner of war was killed in that village.
Witness Vajo Sobot said that his wife woke him up one day in the summer of 1992 and told him that three prisoners were in the vicinity of his house.
“It was obvious that they did not offer any resistance. There were three of them, young guys. As we did not know what to do, we went with them in order to call the Command and check what to do. They had weapons, which they handed over. When we arrived in the centre of the village, a mass of people had already been there. Almost all village residents gathered there. They began hitting them. Branko Babic beat them more than anybody else. He hit them with a stick,” Sobot said.
According to Sobot’s testimony, half an hour later two armed men in military uniforms arrived. One of them shot one of the prisoners on his nape.
“I do not know who he is. It was awfully hard for me when I saw that murder, so I went home. I do not know who killed that young man, but I heard later on that it was Obred Ozegovic,” Sobot said, adding that he did not remember having seen indictee Milutin Babic among the mass of people.
Babic, former member of the Republika Srpska Army, is charged with having killed three prisoners – Mustafa Cikota, Emsud Smailovic and Sadko Burnic, acting in collaboration with Obrad Ozegovic and Slavko Stricevic, in the second half of June 1992.  
Witness Dane Babic also recalled the day, when he came across the captured young guys, adding that Petar Babic gave him a rifle, which was confiscated from them.  
“They took the young guys towards the post office, while I remained there in order to keep guard. Later on I heard that one of the guys was killed. I do not know what happened to the two others,” said Dane Babic.
Witness David Gvozdenovic told the Court that he saw a mass of people and three captives in front of the post office in Bravsko and that he heard that one of them was killed.  
“Later on I heard that one of them was killed at that location, while the two others were taken away. According to what the local residents told me, the young man was killed by Obred Ozegovic, but I did not see anything and I do not know that,” Gvozdenovic said.
The trial is due to continue on October 23.

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