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31 October 2013

Milic Saved Neighbours

Dzana Brkanic BIRN BiH Sarajevo

As the trial for crimes committed in the Busovaca area in 1993 continues, Defence witnesses say that indictee Zoran Milic helped them during the war.

Protected witnesses O-1 and O-2 said that they lived with their families in Busovaca municipality at the beginning of the war, adding that Zoran Milic was a neighbour of theirs. 

Witness O-1 said that members of the Croatian Defence Council, HVO, took her husband to a detention camp in January 1993. She said that some soldiers, who robbed and mistreated her and her family, used to come to her house afterwards. 

According to the witness’ testimony, other female neighbours faced similar problems, so they complained to neighbour Milic, who accommodated them in his house. They stayed in his house for a few days before leaving Busovaca. Nobody mistreated them during that time. 

O-2 said that she had good neighbourly relations with the indictee prior and during the war, but also now.

“He would not have treated his brother any better than he treated us,” O-2 said.

Zoran Milic is charged with having participated in the murder and wounding of four Bosniak civilians in Busovaca municipality on April 26, 1993.

He was on trial with Zoran Marinic, who died on October 20 this year. At the hearing today the Court rendered a decision to discontinue the criminal proceedings against Marinic. 

Slavko Asceric, Defence attorney of indictee Milic, presented, as material evidence, several statements given by witnesses during the course of the proceedings, completing the presentation of evidence at this trial.

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina announced that it would present a revised indictment at the next hearing scheduled for November 7. 

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