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10 May 2007

Lucic: Prosecution Evidence Ends

The Prosecution completes the evidence process against indictee Kreso Lucic by examining the last witness and presenting material evidence.
The final Prosecution witness at the trial of Kreso Lucic has confirmed that Bosniaks were illegally detained in the Sunje shed near Kresevo.

Ljuban Cigelj was a member of the Croatian Defence Council (HVO) military police in Kresevo in 1992. He claims to have been on guard duty in front of the Sunje shed during the conflict between HVO and BiH Army.

"Our task was to safeguard Muslims from Kresevo, who were detained short after the breakout of the conflict," said Cigelj.

Cigelj adds that the guards used to take detainees from the Sunje shed to the frontlines "to dig trenches", and that they were allowed to receive visitors.

"Women and pensioners used to bring them food and clothes," said Cigelj.

Cigelj claims to have been a guard "for some two years". He alleges that Lucic was a commander of the military police in the same period.

"[The indictee] was good but he requested more rigorous discipline," Cigelj claims.

Lucic has been charged with ordering and participating in the capture of civilians in the municipality of Kresevo in June and July 1993, and their subsequent detention in elementary school Ivo Lola Ribar and the Sunje shed, where they were tortured and used as forced labour.

At the end of the evidence process, Prosecutor Slavica Terzic proposed a list of material evidences. The defence has objected to most of the presented pieces of evidence claiming that some of them were obtained in an illegal way.

"I do not see why the defence objects to the pieces of evidence that have been obtained from the archive of the Republic of Croatia," Prosecutor Terzic said.

The Trial Chamber gave a deadline of three days to Kresimir Zubak, defence attorney of indictee Lucic, to submit, in writing, the list of his objections to certain evidences and corresponding clarifications.

The next hearing is set for 24 May 2007.
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