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6 July 2007

Lucic: Commencement of War in Kresevo

It has been announced that indictee Kreso Lucic will testify in his defence.
Kreso Lucic's defence has examined the last two witnesses, who have spoken about the happenings in Kresevo in 1993. The indictee himself will testify at the next hearing on 6 July.

According to the indictment, Lucic was commander of the HVO military police during the conflict between the Army of BiH and the Croatian Defence Council (HVO) on the territory of Kresevo in 1993. He is therefore considered responsible for the illegal capture and maltreatment of Bosniak civilians.

The indictment, in which the prosecution calls upon evidence confirmed before the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), further alleges that the conflicts on the territory of Central Bosnia began in April and lasted until the end of September 1993.

During this period, HVO undertook a "broad and systematic attack against Bosniak civilians on the territory of Kresevo, Kiseljak, Busovaca and Vitez municipalities".

Marijan Misanovic and friar Ivica Karatovic, both defence witnesses, have spoken about the events in April 1993 when the Army of BiH attacked Kresevo.

Misanovic has told the court that he, his wife, minor daughter and an older woman from Kojsina village were captured in June 1993 and exchanged 13 days later.

"I saw the people with whom we were exchanged. They were the father and the sister of the man who had arrested us," Misanovic has said.

During the conflict, friar Ivica Karatovic was a vicar-manager in the convent in Kresevo. According to his statement, refugees coming from Central Bosnia area to the city constituted the majority of the population in Kresevo at that time. The friars took care of their meals and accommodation.

Karatovic has also spoken about the indictee's character, claiming that he knew him since he was a little boy and that he was a quiet, non-conflicting person.

Asked by Kresimir Zubak, defence attorney, if he knew that Lucic was the chief of the HVO military police, Karatovic responded that he was not aware of this.

"I used to tell those boys that it was a humane act to protect their area, but I warned them not to do bad things because a man has to go through life with no shame," Karatovic has said.

Lucic, who pleaded not guilty according to all charges in the indictment, has been defending himself while on bail since 19th January this year.
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