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7 October 2011

Local Justice - Trebinje: Verdict for Torture in Detention Camps

The Basic Court in Trebinje pronounces a verdict, ordering the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina to pay KM 100,000 to Olga Drasko as compensation for the torture she suffered during the course of her detention in Dretelj detention camp, near Capljina from the beginning of May to August 1992.

The Association of Detainees of Republika Srpska, acting on behalf of the Association of Detainees of Trebinje region, filed a suit in the name of Olga Drasko with the Basic Court in Trebinje, requesting compensation for her mental, physical and psychical suffering.

Vukan Kovac, President of the Management Board with the Association of Detainees of Republika Srpska, RS, confirmed that this was the first verdict in favour of the Association of Detainees of RS, out of a total of 536 suits related to as many detention camps in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where, as he said, Serbs were detained.

Kovac said that five suits related to five different detention camps had been recently filed with the Basic Court in Trebinje.

The explanation of the verdict passed down by the Trebinje District Court says that, on May 5, 1992 members of the Croatian Defence Council, HVO took medical doctor Drasko from her workplace to Dretelj detention camp, where she was held until August 18, 1992.

She was the first detainee brought to the detention camp. She was brutally abused and tortured and beaten up with fists and sticks several times. Needles were stuck underneath her nails. The suit says that Drasko has developed an intensive post-traumatic syndrome as a result of the abuse, physical and mental suffering and huge fear, adding that the damage has led to disability.

This verdict is subject to an appeal before the District Court in Trebinje.


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