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22 June 2012

Local Justice - Sarajevo: Trivunovic acquitted

The Supreme Court of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina acquitted Ranko Trivunovic of charges for the crime against prisoners of war in the municipality of Glamoc.

Trivunovic was acquitted of charges that on April 11, 1992, in the village of Dolac, as a member of the Army of Republic of Srpska (VRS), he killed wounded Nikola Anicic, the then member of the Croatian Defence Council from Tomislavgrad.

Zorica Gogala, presiding judge of the Trial Chamber, said that the Prosecution failed to prove that Trivunovic committed war crimes against prisoners of war.

"There is not a single proof that Anicic was alive when Trivunovic fired a shot from the automatic rifle. This court could not establish that Anicic's death was caused by Trivunovic's actions," explained Gogala. Trivunovic was released from custody.

The trial of Trivunovic started anew on June 20 before the Supreme Court of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, after the Cantonal Court in Livno twice acquitted the defendant.

The Supreme Court on April 18 quashed the verdict by the Cantonal Court in Livno from December 1, 2011, which sentenced Trivunovic to five years in prison, and earlier quashed this court's verdict from March last year which sentenced the defendant to seven years in prison.

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