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8 February 2012

Local Justice - Milanovic: Defendant fails to show up

The retrial of Mladen Milanovic for crimes in the territory of Sarajevo was postponed before the Supreme Court of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina for an undisclosed time since the defendant failed to appear in the courtroom.

“The defendant was summoned via international legal aid. The court has not received confirmation whether the defendant received the summons,” said Zorica Gogala, chairman of the Trial Chamber.
She added that the new hearing would be scheduled after the court receives information on whether Milanovic was handed the summons.
Refik Serdarevic, Milanovic's lawyer, said that he talked to his client last week and that he told him that he had not received the summons.
The Cantonal Court in Sarajevo in November 2008 acquitted Milanovic of all charges that as a guard in the Bunker camp in Semizovac (municipality of Vogosca) he beat up a prisoner of Bosniak ethnicity, and that he allowed members of army and paramilitary to come inside and abuse civilians.
This verdict was overturned by the Supreme Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina in April 2011 and the decision was made to call a retrial.
Milanovic, who has Austrian citizenship, was arrested in July 2007 on a warrant from Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which, after confirmation of the indictment, passed the case over to the Cantonal Court in Sarajevo. After the first instance acquittal, the defendant was released from custody.


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