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10 November 2011

Local Justice - Bihac: New Arrest for Orasac Crimes

Acting on a warrant issued by the Una-Sana Cantonal Prosecution, the State Investigation and Protected Agency, SIPA arrested Goran Mihajlovic in Bijeljina on suspicion that he committed crimes against civilians in Orasac village, Bihac in 1992.

Mihajlovic, former member of reserve police forces of Republika Srpska, is suspected of having participated in the murder of five people in Mesici hamlet, Orasac village on September 22, 1992.

“Mihajlovic is suspected of having come, accompanied by other persons, to Ibrahim Mesic's house in Mesici hamlet on September 22, 1992 and, knowing that Sacir Mesic was in the house, called him out in order to allegedly take him for an interview. When he appeared at the door, they fired several bullets in his direction from automatic guns, but he managed to run away,” said Jasmin Mesic, Prosecutor of the Cantonal Prosecution in Bihac.

Prosecutor Mesic said that Mihajlovic was further suspected of having come back to the house from which Sacir had fled and fired several bursts of bullets, killing Safija and Hava Mesic, as well as Mina Hranjica. One of the attackers then set the house on fire in order to conceal the crime.

“The attackers found the house owner – Ibrahim Mesic outside the house and killed him. A couple of days later they found Sacir Mesic in Loncic hamlet and killed him. His body has still not been found,” Mesic said.
Mihajlovic will be examined by the Una-Sana Cantonal Prosecutor during the day. A custody order motion will then be filed with the Cantonal Court in Bihac.

Zoran and Svetko Tadic, Zeljko Babic and Zoran Berga are suspected of having participated in the crime in Mesici village too. They are held in custody as per a warrant issued by the Bihac Cantonal Court.

The Bihac Cantonal Prosecution said that the investigation in this case was in its final phase, adding that a final prosecutorial decision was expected to be rendered soon.

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