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4 November 2011

Local Justice – Asonja and Djeric: No Injuries on Injured Party

As the trial of Milivoje Asonja and Ilija Djeric continues before the District Court in Eastern Sarajevo, Defence witnesses say that they did not notice any injuries on injured party Emin Pleho in April 1994.
Jovan Cvijetic, former member of the Republika Srpska Army, VRS, told the Court that he saw Emin Pleho holding indictee Ilija Djeric under his arm in Zemegresi village, Rogatica municipality in April 1994, but he did not notice any injuries on Pleho.

“Asonja and Djeric were drinking on that day. I came to their trench in order to ask them when the exchange would happen. When the exchange began, their trench was closer to the truck, so they went there first. I went back to collect my things and followed them. When I got to them, I saw Pleho holding Djeric under his arm. Asonja was there too. I did not notice any signs of beating on Pleho,” Cvijetic said.

Cvijetic said that other soldiers loaded Asonja and Djeric onto a truck, while Plego stayed on the road along with other civilians.

The Eastern Sarajevo District Prosecution charges Milivoje Asonja and Ilija Djeric, former members of the Republika Srpska Army, VRS, with having physically abused civilians Emin Pleho and Ramiz Katica, who were held in the “Rasadnik” detention camp at that time, in Zemegresi village, Rogatica municipality in April 1994.

According to the charges, the indictees physically attacked Pleho and Katica, while they performed road repair works in April 1994.

Milos Dragicevic, former Commander of the Rear Detachment of the Rogatica Brigade with the Republika Srpska Army, VRS, said that he used to see injured party Pleho in “Rasadnik” in April 1994, but he did not notice any injuries on him.

“It is known to me that Pleho performed some road repair works in Zemegresi village. Upon his return, Pleho did not request any medical assistance. I did not see any injuries. None of the soldiers suggested that anything had happened. A month or two later I heard that something had happened. I guess that Emin Pleho had been drinking with Ilija,” Dragicevic said.

The trial is due to continue on December 5 this year.
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