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11 March 2011

Local Justice - Ahmetasevic: No Information about Murder

BIRN BiH Bihac
Testifying in defence of Senad Ahmetasevic before the Bihac Cantonal Court, witnesses say that in November 1993 they did not hear about the murder of Hasan Saric, a crime for which the indictee is charged.

Mirsad Dukic, former guard in the Drmeljevo detention camp, said that captured members of the Fifth Corps of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina and members of the National Defence with the Western Bosnia Autonomous Region, ND WBAR, who had avoided going to the frontline, were held in that detention camp.

Dukic told the Court that he could not remember that “Cehic, Muslic and Merdanic were held” in Drmeljevo.

Senad Ahmetasevic, former member of ND WBAR, is charged with having captured five members of the Fifth Corps with ABiH at Johovica reservoir on Omica Hill, Velika Kladusa in 1993. The captured men were allegedly taken to Drmeljevo detention camp. The indictment alleges that Ahmetasevic then killed prisoner Hasan Saric, who had put down his weapon, by shooting him.

Husein Kenic, Nijaz Jasic and Husein Grahovic, former members of ND WBAR, testified at this hearing as well. They were detained in Drmeljevo because they chose not to perform their military duties. They said that some prisoners from Bihac were held there as well, adding that they “mostly spent time with their own group”.

“Some members of the Fifth Corps were there as well, but we mostly spent time with each other and not with them, as we did not know them. I did not meet Muslic, Cehic and Merdanic and I did not hear that they were in the detention camp. Nobody mentioned any murders in November 1993,” witness Nijaz Jasic said.

All of the witnesses said that they did not see Ahmetasevic in Drmeljevo in November 1993.

Following the examination of the Defence witnesses, the Una-Sana Cantonal Prosecution presented its material evidence.

Enver Cehic, Irfan Merdanic and Sabrija Muslic testified for the Prosecution at this trial. They said they heard or saw that the indictee had killed Saric.

Although the examination of witness Jasic had originally been planned for this hearing, his examination was postponed until the next hearing, which is scheduled for April 4.


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