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4 November 2011

Local Justice - Ahmetasevic: First Instance Verdict Confirmed

The Supreme Court of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, FBiH confirms a verdict passed down by the Bihac Cantonal Court, sentencing Senad Ahmetasevic to eight years in prison for crimes in Velika Kladusa.

The Supreme Court of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, FBiH considers that the sentence pronounced against indictee Ahmetasevic is neither too short, as the Cantonal Prosecutor from Bihac said, nor too long, as stated by his Defence.
"We regard that the pronounced sentence will serve the purpose of punishment," the Supreme Court of FBiH said, adding that the appeals filed by the Cantonal Prosecutor and Defence were rejected.
In May this year the Cantonal Court in Bihac pronounced Ahmetasevic, former member of the National Defence of the Western Bosnia Autonomous Region, guilty of killing a prisoner of war in the Omica brdo region in November 1993.
Both the Bihac Cantonal Prosecution and Defence appealed the verdict. The Defence filed the appeal due to a wrongly and incompletely determined factual status and substantive violations of the Criminal Proceedings Code,mrequesting the Court to revoke the verdict and order a retrial or pronounce a shorter sentence.
The Prosecution requested the Court to pronounce a longer sentence against the indictee.
The parties explained their appeal before the Supreme Court in October this year.
Senad Ahmetasevic was arrested in the Netherlands in November 2008. He was then extradited to judicial authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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