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7 January 2008

Ljubicic: Trial Postponed

The trial of Pasko Ljubicic has been postponed due to the absence of the international members of the Trial Chamber.
The trial of Pasko Ljubicic, who is charged with war crimes committed in the central Bosnia area in 1993, has been postponed because the Trial Chamber's international judges have failed to appear.

Trial Chamber Chairman Saban Maksumic said that the international judges had not been able to return to Sarajevo after the holidays due to "bad weather conditions". As they have failed to appear, "the conditions for this hearing have not been met".

Every Trial Chamber at Court of BiH consist of three judges, two internationals and one, Chairman, from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The State prosecution charges Ljubicic, as commander of the Fourth Military Police Battalion with the Croatian Defence Council (HVO), with having ordered and participated in attacks on towns and villages in central Bosnia area. Bosniaks living in those towns and villages were imprisoned in detention camps, tortured and killed, while their property was pillaged and demolished.

The trial is due to continue on January 8.
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