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17 July 2007

Ljubicic: Continuation of Trial Postponed

Proceedings against Pasko Ljubicic have been put on hold after one member of the Trial Chamber was unable to attend.
The continuation of the trial of Pasko Ljubicic, indicted for crimes against humanity committed on the territory of Central Bosnia during 1993, has been postponed due to, we are told by officials of the Court of BiH, the "inability of one member of the trial chamber to attend".

The Prosecution charges Ljubicic with having ordered and participated, as commander of the Fourth Military Police Battalion of the Croatian Defence Council (HVO), in the attack on Busovaca, Vitez and the surrounding villages, when Bosniaks civilians were killed and their property was pillaged and destroyed.

The indictment alleges that, in the morning of 25 January 1993, Ljubicic gave an order to members of the military police to attack Busovaca. Twenty-seven Bosniaks were killed during the attack.

As the trial has been postponed, the public has not been informed about the trial chamber's decision concerning a defence motion to allow the indictee to undergo a surgical operation in Mostar.

As indicated during the trial, Ljubicic should undergo knee surgery, and the defence claims that his doctor is ready to do it on 20 July.

Having in mind the time needed for the patient to prepare for the operation, Ljubicic should go to the hospital as soon as possible.

The defence alleges that Ljubicic had a similar operation while he was in the detention unit of the Hague tribunal.

Officials in the Court of BiH have not been able to inform us when the trial of Ljubicic is expected to continue.
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