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15 November 2012

Lazic: Defence Attorney Fails to Appear

The beginning of the retrial of Bosko Lazic, who is charged with giving a false testimony at a war-crime trial, has been postponed as the Defence attorney of the indictee failed to appear before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Indictee Lazic explained that his Defence attorney Stanko Petrovic had “a previously scheduled hearing at another court”.  

Appellate Chamber Chairman Nedzad Popovac said that the Defence attorney would have to explain in writing why he failed to appear at this hearing, adding that the Court would then decide on eventual sanctions.  

Judge Popovac said that, in June this year the Appellate Chamber revoked a first instance verdict, under which Bosko Lazic was acquitted of the charges that he gave a false statement to State Investigation and Protection Agency, SIPA investigators, in which he told them that he heard that Zoran Zivanovic killed Bosniaks in the Vuk Karadzic school building in Bratunac in 1995 and separated men in Potocari on July 12 and 13.

However, testifying before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina in October 2007, Lazic said that he neither saw Zivanovic in the school building nor in Potocari.

Following a trial for crimes in the Srebrenica area, Zoran Zivanovic, Zdravko Bozic and Zeljko Zaric, were acquitted of the charges under a second instance verdict pronounced in February 2010. The same verdict sentenced Mladen Blagojevic to seven years in prison.

The retrial of Bosko Lazic is due to begin on Wednesday, November 28 this year.

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