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26 September 2007

Kravica: One Indictee Gets an Alibi

Zdravko Zivanovic, a joint witness invited by seven defence teams in the Kravica genocide case, provides an alibi for his cousin Dragisa.
The defence teams of seven of the 11 indictees charged with genocide in Kravica have jointly invited three more witnesses.

Witness Zdravko Zivanovic has said that indictee Dragisa Zivanovic - his cousin -was in Skelani on 13 July 1995. The indictment alleges that Zivanovic and the ten other indictees were in the village of Kravica on that day and took part in the shooting of about 1,000 Bosniaks captured when attempting to escape from Srebrenica.

"Dragisa's brother was due to start his military service on that day and there was a farewell party that he organised. He left in the morning hours on 14 July," Zdravko Zivanovic said, adding that his cousin Dragisa was in Skelani all the time.

This witness has also said that he was a member of a unit with the Second Special Police Squad in Sekovici. Ten indictees were members of the same unit. He has also said that a soldier named "Oficir"
(Officer) told him that Krsto Dragicevic, a member of their unit, had been killed in Kravica on 13 July.

"Oficir said that Krsto had recognised one of his neighbours and approached him to say hello, but that person had taken his gun away and shot him," Zivanovic said.

Witness Predrag Krsmanovic has told the court that "a group of soldiers" came to his house in Skelani on 13 July 1995 "between 2200 and 2300 hours". He has further said that "Milenko Trifunovic was among the soldiers and he spoke to his father, who was a priest".

"They mentioned the possibility of leaving Krsto, who had been killed in Kravica, behind, but the father did not let them do it," Krsmanovic said, adding that, the following day the soldiers brought the corpse to the church and watched over it alternately.

Witness Stana Ostojic lived in the village of Resagici, near Srebrenica, in July 1995. She claims that there was "some squad" next to her house. She has recalled that, on 13 July 1995, "the squad members returned to their headquarters…as one of their colleagues had been killed".

The three witnesses have said that they attended the funeral of Krsto Dragicevic on 15 July 1995 and that they saw the members of his squad.

The trial is due to continue on 27 September, when two more defence witnesses shall be examined.
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