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3 November 2009

Kondic et al: ID Card and Clothes Found in Mass Grave

A Prosecution witness, testifying at the trial for crimes committed in Kljuc, says that male civilians from Brkici hamlet were captured as per a plan drawn up by the Army and then killed.
Feriz Dervisevic (87), who testified at the trial of the indictees who are charged with crimes committed in Kljuc, recalled that his son Ferid and other male residents of Brkici hamlet were taken away and killed on July 10, 1992. Years later he found his son's remains in Crvena zemlja mass grave. He also found his ID card and boots in the same grave.

"He had his ID card with him. We found the card, as well as his boots and clothes. Sixteen people were found in that grave," Dervisevic said.

"Soldiers came on July 10. They invited people to come to Jezerine fields, where we saw Marko Samardzija. He said he had to take us to the school building. Marko said that those aged 18 and 60 should go, while others were taken to the school. Eighty people were taken away on this occasion. None of them came back," Dervisevic said. He was released as were the other older people.

This witness told the Court that Samardzija told him, later on, that the soldiers had "a plan for capturing" the men from Biljani village and Brkici hamlet.

Marko Samardzija was sentenced, by a second-instance verdict rendered by the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, to seven years in prison for crimes committed in Biljani village, in Kljuc Municipality, during the course of 1992.

Witness Dervisevic testified against Vinko Kondic, Bosko Lukic and Marko Adamovic, who are charged by the Prosecution with participation in a number of crimes committed in the Kljuc area during the course of 1991 and 1992.

The indictment against Kondic, Lukic and Adamovic alleges that soldiers and policemen came to several villages in the Kljuc area, including Biljani and Brkici, on July 10, 1992. They allegedly captured "all male residents, with no legal grounds" and took them to the school building. After that they shot the men at various locations. On that day at least 219 people were killed. Their remains were exhumed from Laniste 1 and Crvena zemlja mass graves.

"They were killed next to the school building. The women who passed by the school said that they saw some of them in the trenches. On that day all we could hear was noise and shooting. When night came, nobody was there any more. We heard that they had killed Semso's family and they had taken the older men towards the mosque, where they killed them. The women said that big trucks came and they loaded the dead people onto them," Dervisevic explained.

Prosecution witness Semo Dzaferagic testified at the hearing held on October 26, 2009. He spoke about the loss of seven family members in Biljani on July 10, 1992. He found the remains of his father, brother, sister and niece, as well as his wife and two young children in Laniste 1 mass grave several years later.

Feriz Dervisevic said that he joined the other civilians who left Kljuc by truck and bus, but he did not say when this happened.

The witness said that soldiers came to Brkici a few times before July 10, 1992, adding that "some soldiers from Kljuc" came once, taking away and killing two hamlet residents.

The trial is due to continue on Wednesday, November 4.
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