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15 September 2014

Killings of Prisoners in Warehouse

Selma Ucanbarlic BIRN BiH Sarajevo
A Prosecution witness told the trial for genocide in Srebrenica that one group of prisoners was killed in the warehouse in Konjevic Polje in July 1995.
Witness Goran Ostojic, who was at the check point in Konjevic Polje in July 1995, said that an unknown man killed around ten people, who were in the warehouse, near the checkpoint.

"Then people from the civil protection came with lift trucker... They parked it and started carrying out killed people," he said adding that corpses were driven in the truck towards Zvornik.

Witness also said that he saw some prisoners were brought from direction Milici and placed in one house, and then taken towards Bratunac.

"For about three days there were buses carrying people towards Milici. I assume those were Bosniaks from Srebrenica," Ostojic said.

Speaking about the units in the area, witness said that he recalls members in light blue uniforms, who were called "deserters".

"Deserters were arrested in Serbia and assigned to Sarajevo battlefields. Some of them had yellow armour. Those deserters were assigned from the cross road towards Bratunac," he said.

When prosecutor Ibro Bulic asked whether "deserters" were members of the special police, Ostojic said that "they used to call that unit that way", but he did not know whether they actually were that. He explained that he did not see "deserters" escorting prisoners.

Ostojic was testifying at the trial of Goran Saric, charged with having participated in the joint criminal enterprise which resulted in 40,000 forcibly relocated Bosniaks and more than 7,000 killed people from Srebrenica.

According to the indictment, Saric commanded police forces, which participated in the raids to take over the positions of the United Nations troops and the forcible transfer of women, children and the elderly, as well as taking away men and boys who would later be executed.

Another witness Borislav Dadic said that he went in the search of terrain towards Sandici as medical worker of Third battalion of Bratunac brigade on July 17 or July 18, 1995.

"When passing from Sandici towards Konjevic Polje I saw a group of people, they were probably Muslims. I just looked and continued. That group was moving, there were around 40 of them," witness said.

The trial continues on September 22.

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