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29 August 2014

Killed in Conflict or Shot

Mirna Buljugić BIRN BiH Sarajevo

As the trial for Zenica crimes continues, a Defence witness says that he heard that some persons were killed in Dusina, but he does not know whether they were killed in conflict or if they were shot.

Witness Esad Barucija told the Court that he lived in Brdo hamlet, near Dusina village, during the conflict, and that he stood on his terrace and watched the shooting in that village. However, as he said, he did not see the killed people and was not sure under what circumstances they got killed.
Also, he said that he first heard that the victims were women and children, but, later on, he heard that they were not civilians.
Barucija said that shooting woke him up one January morning, not saying what year it was, and that he went out to the terrace and saw members of the Muslim Armed Forces, MOS.
“I heard shooting near the Croat houses. The shooting was coming from Radosa Nikoja’s house. I heard a voice, telling those people in the houses to surrender and that nothing would happen to them,” the witness said. 
He further mentioned that he then saw soldiers and women coming from Dusina village and that one of the women warned the men in Croat houses not to shoot, because they were the captives.
According to Barucija’s testimony, MOS then disarmed the Croats. As he said, some men were taken away towards Lasva.
“Out of all those killed persons, I only saw the body of Zvonko Rajic, whom I pushed away from the road, because people were passing by. His body remained at that place until the arrival of the Red Cross,” Barucija said.
The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, BiH, charges Vehid Subotic, former member of the Seventh Muslim Brigade of the Army of BiH, ABiH, with having killed several Croats on January 26, 1993.
The Trial Chamber, Prosecution, Defence and witness Barucija will visit the location at which the event happened on September 12.

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