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26 April 2007

Jankovic: Witnesses Who Survived Execution

In continuation of the process against Zoran Jankovic, Prosecution witnesses have spoken of the execution of civilians in Snagovo village in April 1992.

Sisters Zlatija and Mersija Mujanovic, both Prosecution witnesses, spoke of the April 1992 execution of civilians in Snagovo village, Zvornik municipality, which they survived.

The Prosecution has charged Zoran Jankovic, a former member of Serb army,that he, jointly with other soldiers, policemen and members of paramilitary formations, took part in the attack on Snagovo village and the forced relocation of civilians from Seher and Lika villages, all of which took place from April to June of 1992.

Witness Zlatija Mujanovic claims that on April 29, 1992 she and other locals from Snagovo village were hiding in the forest, until the arrival of soldiers "who were unformed and armed".

"Four soldiers came and told us to come out of the forest. Then they told us that nothing will happen to us and that they will guard us. Then they took us to Rasidov Han and shot at us," Zlatija Mujanovic said.

According to the indictment, on April 29, 1992 Jankovic and other soldiers detained a group of civilians from Snagovo village, who were then taken to location Rasidov Han, where they were executed. At the time, 36 civilians were murdered and their bodies were later burned in order to hide the crime.

Zlatija Mujanovic noted that she, her sister Mersija and a few neighbours were able to hide in the outside toilet,until they were found by soldiers who started shooting at them.

"I remember when they left, my sister, my little brother Salih, who was four at the time, and I went among the dead. I saw my younger sister Edina was dead and my mother, who was pregnant at the time, was asking for some water. My mother told me to run and then she died," witness Zlatija Mujanovic recalls.

When asked during cross-examination by defence attorney Dragoslav Peric whether she recalled what the indictee looked like and whether she saw him among the soldiers, the witness responded that she only remembers "his eyes".

"I mostly remember his blue eyes. I know that the people were saying that they knew him because he used to work in Zvornik, but those people are gone and those mouths will not speak again," she said.

Peric noted that the indictee "never worked in Zvornik" and that "he has green eyes".

During her testimony, the second prosecution witness, Mersija Mujanovic, noted that she does not remember most of the events that took place in April of 1992 because she was "only ten years old" at the time.

"I only remember that they took us to Rasidov Han and shot at us. My mother, sister and grandmother died then," she said.

During direct questioning, Prosecutor Mirsad Strika asked her whether she wants compensation for everything she survived, to which she responded,"nobody can compensate what was done to me because people can not be brought back".

Continuation of the trial is scheduled for April 16, 2007.
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