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13 June 2007

Jankovic: Multiple Alibis

Additional defence witnesses at the trial of Zoran Jankovic, charged with crimes in Zvornik, provide alibis for the indictee.
Additional defence witnesses have testified before the Court of BiH in the trial of Zoran Jankovic, former member of Serbian Army indicted for crimes against humanity committed against Bosniaks on the territory of Zvornik and Kalesija municipalities.

The witnesses have said that the indictee was in different locations at the time when the crimes took place.

Witness Milan Tanackovic, an Orthodox priest, claims to have seen the indictee on a daily basis in a cafe in the village of Dubcie until the first half of May 1992.

"We used to meet there every day during April, and I would have coffee with him a few times a day. I spent most of the time with him. As far as I know he did not leave the village. If he was I would know it,"
said Tanackovic, who left Dubnice on 12 May 1992.

According to the first charge in the indictment, Jankovic and other soldiers captured a group of Bosniak civilians on the territory of Snagovo village in Zvornik municipality on 29 April 1992.

36 of these civilians were killed and three were wounded. Five survivors have appeared as the first prosecution witnesses.

Witness Lazar Stojanovic claims that he saw the indictee at the end of  May in a place called Stolice, where he had escaped with his family and neighbours from the attacked village of Dubnice.

"People who escaped from Dubnica on 26 May 1992 used to come. Among them I saw Zoran Jankovic and his family, actually all village residents escaped," the witness recalls.

The prosecution charges Jankovic to have participated, on 27 May 1992, in maltreatment of a group of civilians captured during attacks on the villages of Šeher and Lika, Kalesija municipality. Some prisoners were killed, while others were deported or taken to detention camps on the territory of Kalesija, Vlasenica and Bijeljina municipalities.

Witness Gavro Ikic claims that, after the fall of Dubica on 25 May, his sons and Zoran Jankovic first rescued wounded neighbours, and then they left the village together.

"We all left together, there is no doubt or dilemma about it," said the witness.

Witnesses Savo and Rado Kulic , residents of the village of Kosovaca near Snagovo, claim that, at the end of April 1992, two "uniformed persons" came into their village and said they were "Beli orlovi (white eagles) from Serbia" and announced that they were going to attack Snagovo village soon.

"A short time after, we heard shooting. Later on we found out what had been happening there," the Kulicis claim.

The trial's closing remarks will be presented on 18 June this year.

The Trial Chamber has announced that it may pronounce a verdict the following day.
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