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15 May 2009

Indictment for Celebici Crimes Confirmed

An indictment has been confirmed against a former member of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina for crimes committed in Celebici village, Konjic Municipality.
The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina confirmed an indictment against Safet Bukvic for war crimes against civilians committed in Celebici, in Konjic Municipality.

Bukvic is charged, as a former member of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with having killed one individual known by the initials M.P. after having singled him out of a group of Croat civilians and members of the Croatian Defence Council, HVO, who were lined up in front of Celebici school building after having been disarmed, on April 25, 1993. 

The indictment alleges that the detainees, including M.P., were exposed to physical and verbal abuse.

The Prosecution alleges that after several members of the Bosnian Army and Muslim civilians started shouting "kill M.P., like he killed your brother-in-law", an unidentified member of the Bosnian Army singled him out and started hitting him with his feet, his fists and the butt of his gun. Then they detained him in the basement of the school building, which was used as a detention camp. 

The indictment further alleges that Safet Bukvic, who was armed, followed M.P., accompanied by an unknown Bosnian Army soldier. The unknown soldier allegedly shot M.P., who was exhausted due to the beating.

The indictment alleges that Bukvic then fired a bullet into his chest, "with the intention of killing the injured party".  

Until now, no one has been tried before the State Court for crimes committed in Celebici. The Hague Tribunal acquitted Zejnil Delalic, and sentenced Zdravko Mucic to 9 years and Hazim Delic to 18 years' imprisonment and Esad Landza 15 years.

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