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11 December 2015

Indictment Filed for “Crna Kuca” War Crimes

Erna Mackic BIRN BiH Sarajevo

The state prosecution filed an indictment against five men suspected of war crimes in Vitez.

The indictment has been filed against Minet Akeljic, Saban Haskic, Senad Bilal, Hazim Patkovic and Semsudin Djelilovic.

They are suspected of committing crimes against Croat prisoners of war and civilians held in a detention facility known as “Crna Kuca” [the Black House] in Kruscica in the municipality of Vitez.

According to the state prosecution’s charges, the suspects inhumanely treated detainees held in the “Crna Kuca” facility from July to November 1993.

The indictment has been filed with the Bosnian state court for confirmation.

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