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12 June 2008

Indictement against Milisav Gavric

Milisav Gavric, who is charged with crimes against humanity committed in Srebrenica as per an indictment confirmed on June 12, 2008, is currently on the run in Serbia.
The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina confirmed the indictment against Milisav Gavric, charging him with crimes against humanity, "associated with the genocide" committed in Srebrenica area. Justice Report is told by the State Prosecution that the indictee is in Serbia and he is not available to the local prosecutor authorities.

"Up to now the Prosecution has not expressed its opinion concerning the warrant and if it does that in the future, the final decision will be made by the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina. So far we have filed a custody order motion only," said Selma Hecimovic, spokeswoman for the State Prosecution.

The Prosecution charges Gavric, as deputy commander of the police station in Srebrenica, with having "committed, abetted, helped and supported" the crimes committed in Srebrenica municipality in July 1995.

He is charged, among other things, with the forcible transportation of thousands of Bosniak civilians from Srebrenica, as well as with separation of men, who have been missing since then, or, in other words, with the participation in forcible disappearances of a large number of Srebrenica residents.

On July 11, 2007 the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republika Srpska seized Gavric's personal identification and travel documents, as per a decision issued by the High Representative in Bosnia, banning the indictee from leaving Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The State Prosecution claims that, despite those actions, Gavric resided in Serbia, whose citizenship he possesses. His permanent place of residence is in Serbia. Although the Prosecution is informed that the indictee is on the run in Serbia, in addition to the indictment, it also filed a custody order motion with the State Court, due "to a possibility of escape."

"When faced with the counts charged upon him, Gavric gave a statement to the judicial authorities in the Republic of Serbia, which is confirmation that he will certainly never come to Bosnia and Herzegovina again," the Prosecution's motion indicates.

The Prosecution has some pieces of information, suggesting that the indictee has sold his property in Srebrenica, and it considers this to be "a sufficient reason for depriving him of his liberty, as he is, practically, no longer attached to Srebrenica or Bosnia and Herzegovina."

The indictment against Gavric alleges that the indictee committed the crimes in collaboration with other unidentified soldiers and policemen. It mentions Miroslav Deronjic and Momir Nikolic as his accomplices.

Following the conclusion of a guilt admission agreement, the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, ICTY, sentenced Nikolic to 20 years imprisonment for crimes committed in Srebrenica. Deronjic, former president of the Crisis Committee in Bratunac, was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for crimes committed in Glogova village.
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