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10 January 2012

Grujic: Prohibiting Measures Ordered

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has ordered prohibiting measures against Slobodan Grujic, who is charged for crimes in the area of Zvornik Municipality in 1992.

The State Court has prohibited the indictee to meet with certain persons.

State Prosecutor Adnan Gulamovic said he believes that there is a real fear that the indictee, could escape after the indictment is confirmed, and therefore consider that it is necessary that the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina impose him the measure of restriction of leaving his place of residence.

“During the period while the investigation was conducted in the Tuzla Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office, the indictee properly responded to the calls. Therefore the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina does not require that he remain in custody. (...) We suggest that the Court also determine to the indictee the prohibition from meetings with certain persons who were covered by this investigation”, explained Gulamovic.

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina charged Grujic, former member of the Army of Republika Srpska, with participating, together with several other people, in the capture and murder of ten civilians of Bosniak ethnicity in the municipality of Zvornik on May 10, 1992.

The Defence of indictee Grujic said that they oppose the proposal of the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina to determine the prohibiting measures, adding that the indictee has no intention to escape and that he could have done so if he wanted.

“The Court could conclude that this man neither had not, nor have the intention to hide. The indictee is innocent and there is no reason to restrict his freedom of movement”, said defence attorney Dragan Gotovac.

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