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17 May 2012

Grujic: Killed People Exhumed from Pandurica

State Prosecution witnesses say, at the trial of Slobodan Grujic for crimes in Zvornik, that members of their families were exhumed from Pandurica in 1997, after having been captured by Serb soldiers at that same location in May 1992.

The witnesses heard from other people that the indictee was among the soldiers, who participated in the capture.

Mehmedalija Mumic told the Court that his father Salih's body was found with about ten other bodies.

“All of the killed people were found at Pandurica. My father's body could not be identified at the time. We gave blood samples for DNA analysis. After that we took his remains over and buried them,” Mumic said.

Mumic, who was 16 at the time, said that he left Zvornik and went to Tuzla , along with his mother and four sisters, while his father stayed in Motovo village.

“We got the first pieces of news when our people came to Tuzla on May 10 or 11, 1992. They told us that Serbian soldiers captured our father and other neighbours at Pandurica,” Mumic said.

As he said, some time later he spoke to Safet Subasic, who was among the people, who were arrested, just like his father, but he managed to flee.

“Subasic, who was 15 or 16 years old at the time, said that they were on their way to Tuzla , when Serb soldiers captured and tied them. While they were tying them, he managed to flee. He does not remember whether the Serb soldiers shot at him or at the tied people. He mentioned that indictee Slobodan was present at that place,” Mumic said.

According to the charges, on May 10, 1992 Grujic participated, along with a few other persons, in the capture and murder of ten Bosniak civilians.

Witness Hanifa Mumic said that the remains of her husband Ferid Mumic were found in a grave at Pandurica in 1997.

She said that she was in the eight month of pregnancy, when she left Motovo village and went to Tuzla with her two children on May 1, 1992, while her husband stayed in the village.

“My husband's aunt Fatima Subasic told me that she saw them in Pandurica and that they were tied. She said that she recognized Slobodan Grujic,” Mumic said, identifying the indictee in the courtroom and saying that he was her schoolmate.

The trial is due to continue on June 6, when two Prosecution witnesses will be examined.

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