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28 December 2012

Grujic: Closing arguments to take place in mid-January

With evidentiary proceedings complete in the trial of Slobodan Grujic, the court has scheduled the parties’ closing arguments for January 18.

At the trial, the Defence said that it would not submit additional evidence for the amended State Prosecutor’s indictment against Grujic.

Dragan Gotovac, Grujic’s attorney, stated that the amended indictment consisted of only “cosmetic” changes, and contained no new evidence.

The Court Chamber, however, allowed the Defence to submit an additional piece of evidence during today's session. The submitted document indicates that the Army of Republika Srpska (VRS) was formed on May 12, 1992, two days after the concerned event took place.

State Prosecutor Adnan Gulamovic said that he would comment on this new evidence during his closing statement.

The Prosecutor’s Office of BiH charges Grujic, a former member of the VRS for participation, along with several other people, in the capture and murder of ten Bosniak civilians in Pandurica in Zvornik on May 10, 1992.

At the trial, the Court Chamber accepted the Defence’s proposition and revoked Grujic’s previously instated restrictive measures.

Trial Chamber Chairwoman Jasmina Kosovic stated that “given that the measures related to Grujic were mostly concerning the meetings with witnesses, restrictive measures against Slobodan Grujic are hereby repealed.”

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