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12 October 2012

Grujic: About the Attack on Baljkovica

At the trial of Slobodan Grujic, who is charged with crimes in Bosnjaci, Zvornik in 1992, Defence witnesses speak about the attack on the Serb village of Baljkovica, where they lived.

Witness Miladin Gavric said that Baljkovica village, which was surrounded by Muslim villages, was attacked on May 9, 1992, when five Serbs were killed and ten wounded. He said that half of the village was set on fire in that attack.  

“Three brothers and their cousin were killed. Stojka Grujic was killed and about ten people wounded during the attack. Half of the village was on fire. The fire spread towards Pandurica,” Gavric said.  

He told the Court that he handed Nedeljko Grujic, who was wounded, over to Slobodan Grujic. 

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina charges Grujic, former member of the Republika Srpska Army, VRS, with having participated, along with a few other people, in the capture and murder of ten Bosniak civilians at Pandurica on May 10, 1992.

Witness Gavric was at Molitviste, which is about 50 metres away from Pandurica, on May 10. Just like second Defence witness Lazar Jovanovic, he said that it was not known to him that the group of Bosniaks was killed on that day.  

Lazar Jovanovic said that his village was attacked on May 9 and that five people were killed and ten wounded.  

The trial is due to continue on October 24. 

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