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22 April 2014

Evidence about Work of Court Martial in Sarajevo

Mirna Buljugic BIRN BiH Sarajevo

As the trial for crimes in Sarajevo continues, the Defence of Ramiz Avdovic introduces material evidence with which it wants to prove that the Higher Court in Sarajevo participated in ordering suspects into custody and processing them at the beginning of the armed conflicts.

“We want to prove that local citizens from Sarajevo were arrested and that the Higher Court ordered them into custody due to possession of explosive devices and weapons and that they knew that those persons were detained in ‘Viktor Bubanj’ military barracks,” said Mirza Kovac, Defence attorney of Ramiz Avdovic.
As he said, in case somebody thought that those pieces of evidence were irrelevant, they would eventually prove to be important for the Defence.
The Prosecution objected to relevance of most of the 50 pieces of material evidence, which were introduced today.
Ramiz Avdovic and Iulian-Nicolae Vintila are on trial for having committed crimes in “Viktor Bubanj” and the Central Prison in Sarajevo. They are charged with having participated in the establishment and maintenance of a system for abuse of Serb civilians.
According to the charges, Avdovic was Commander of guards on the fifth floor of the Central Prison in Sarajevo and former “Viktor Bubanj” military barracks, while Vintila was a cook and guard in the former barracks.
Avdovic’s Defence also presented material evidence with which it wanted to prove that the District Court Martial, which was located in “Viktor Bubanj” barracks, did not work according to the law.
“We present herewith a decision, ordering 15-day custody for Antonio Covic. The District Court Martial’s way of work was without a decision and not in accordance with the law,” the Defence attorney explained.
The Defence also tried to prove that the Safety Services Centre of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, MUP, in Sarajevo, which was a state institution and body, knew about and had the authority to detain people and bring them to “Viktor Bubanj” military barracks.
The trial is due to continue on April 29. 
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