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21 April 2015

Defense Presents Commendations Vintila Received as Police Officer

Selma Ucanbarlic BIRN BiH Sarajevo
At the Iulian-Nicolae Vintila trial, the defense presented documents that indicated international praise for the defendant’s police work. Vintila has been charged with war crimes in Sarajevo.
Approximately twenty pieces of material evidence were included in the case file by the defense, mostly certificates, commendations and acknowledgements the defendant received while working as a police officer.

Vintila’s defense attorney, Vlado Adamovic, presented a photo of Vintila standing beside former US president Bill Clinton during one of his visits to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Vintila passed the American service test. That service has so many resources and capacities that it can access all documents and archives. Vintila passed the service’s test for guarding the American president,” Adamovic said.

He also presented other commendations Vintila received during his work with the police.

“We present a certificate issued by the IPTF unit for local police. The certificate was prepared when the final check of candidates’ participation in the war was conducted. Vintila received the certificate, which means he passed the check,” Adamovic said.

Vintila is on trial with Ramiz Avdovic for crimes against Serb civilians, which took place at the Viktor Bubanj military barracks and on the fifth floor of Sarajevo’s district prison. The Bosnian state prosecution alleges that civilians were subjected to suffering and torture, and were also taken to other locations to perform forced labour.

The indictment alleges that Avdovic was the guard commander on the fifth floor of Sarajevo’s district prison and at the Viktor Bubanj military barracks. Vintila was a cook and guard at the former barracks.

Adamovic also presented identity cards the defendant received as a member of the Bosnian military police. The cards indicate that Vintila was authorized to order citizens to show identification, to enter private residences and other premises, to conduct searches and possess weapons.

The Bosnian state prosecution said it would present three pieces of material evidence in response to the defense’s evidence. The trial chamber approved this proposal.

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