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11 October 2013

Damjanovic Brothers Released

Denis Dzidic BIRN BiH Sarajevo
After ordering the retrial of their war crimes trial, the Bosnian State Court has released Goran and Zoran Damjanovic.
The Damjanovic brothers have been serving their sentence since November 2007, when they were found guilty of war crimes against civilians in Bojnik near Sarajevo.

Goran Damjanovic was sentenced to 11 years in prison and his brother Zoran to ten-and-a-half years.

The retrial of the criminal proceedings of Damjanovic brothers was reached after the European Court for Human Rights found that the Bosnian State Court wrongly applied the Criminal Code of BiH from 2003 at the trials of Goran Damjanovic and Abduladhim Maktouf.

The verdict of the European Court found a violation of the European Convention on Human Rights against Goran Damjanovic, considering that the Criminal Code of the former Yugoslavia from 1976 was supposed to have been used, instead of the Criminal Code of BiH from 2003,” the Bosnian Court said in a statement.

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina also accepted a request for enabling the renewal of the court proceeding against Abduladhim Maktouf, who was previously found guilty of having participated in crimes against civilians in Travnik municipality in October 1993.

After having served his sentence, Maktouf, who was sentenced under a second instance verdict in 2006, left Bosnia and Herzegovina.
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