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17 December 2013

Cicak Surrenders Voluntarily

Stjepana Ivanuš BIRN BiH Livno

Ivo Cicak “Pendekov”, who is suspected of war crimes committed in Tomislavgrad municipality, surrenders to the Cantonal Court in Livno. Cicak surrenders voluntarily after an international warrant was issued against him.

“The warrant is no longer valid. The Prosecution is conducting investigative activities,” said Nedim Begic, President of the Cantonal Court in Livno.

The Cantonal Court in Livno previously ordered one-month custody for Cicak.

The Livno Prosecution suspects Cicak of having killed captive Zarko Zivonic, who because of a leg injury was lagging behind a line of captured Serb civilians who were being escorted from Kupres to Tomislavgrad. Cicak allegedly shot Zivonic in his head from an automatic gun from close distance, in the vicinity of Suica on April 6, 1992.

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