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23 November 2009

Bundalo et al: Presentation of Closing Arguments Postponed

The Trial Chamber, sitting at the trial for crimes committed in Kalinovik, has postponed the presentation of closing arguments by the State Prosecution, although the presentation was announced earlier.
The presentation of closing arguments by the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the trial of former policemen and soldiers from Kalinovik has been postponed because the Trial Chamber wants to examine protected witness A again, so as to clarify certain facts related to the official note made in 1992.

"Considering the fact that the official note, which the Prosecution wanted to include in the case file, was not presented to witness A, the Trial Chamber will invite him to court again in order for him to confirm the authenticity of the note and to say whether he signed it," Trial Chamber Chairman Stanisa Gluhajic said.

Prior to the presentation of its closing arguments the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina wanted to include in the case file an official note made in 1992. It examined protected witness A about the content of the note at a hearing held on November 19, 2009, but the note was not presented to him at the hearing.

The Defence of Ratko Bundalo, Nedjo Zeljaja and Djordjislav Askraba objected to the inclusion of the note in the case file, saying that it was not clear who subsequently wrote down certain comments in the document.

Bundalo, Zeljaja and Askraba are charged with crimes against humanity committed against the Muslim civilian population from Kalinovik and neighbouring municipalities in 1992 and 1993.

The Prosecution claims that Bundalo was Commander of the Kalinovik Tactical Group, Zeljaja was Commander of the Public Safety Station in Kalinovik and Askraba was a guard in the "Barutni magacin" ("Gunpowder Depot") detention camp, who also performed the tasks of camp Manager.

Protected witness A, a former member of the Public Safety Station in Kalinovik, testified in April 2008 for the Prosecution. On that occasion he spoke about the role of the three indictees in the crimes committed in that area.  

Zeljaja's Defence invited the same witness to appear during the course of additional evidence presentation in order to highlight the statement that the second indictee was not in Kalinovik when men were taken away from "Barutni magacin" and shot, but was at a military position, together with other policemen.

During the course of his examination, witness A mentioned that he made, together with two other police members, an official note about problems facing the Public Safety Station in Kalinovik and Zeljaja's presence on Humac hill in August 1992.

The Prosecution claims that Zeljaja was present in Kalinovik from August 2 to 5, 1992, when groups of Bosniak men were taken from the "Barutni magacin"
detention camp and shot.

The trial of the three indictees began in February 2008.

The next hearing is due to take place on November 26.
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