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16 September 2009

Bundalo et al: Material Evidence

The Prosecution and Defence continue presenting material evidence at the trial of Ratko Bundalo, Nedjo Zeljaja and Djordjislav Askraba.
Presenting material evidence, the Prosecution introduced a list of employees at the Police Station in Kalinovik in April 1992, as well as a report on salaries paid to active policemen in the same year.

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina charges Bundalo, Zeljaja and Askraba with participation in crimes against humanity committed in the Kalinovik area during 1992 and 1993. The three men are charged with participation in capture, murder, rape, detention and forcible disappearances.

The indictment alleges that Bundalo was Commander of the Tactical Group in Kalinovik, Zeljaja was Commander of the Public Safety Station in the same town and Askraba "managed" the "Barutni magacin" ("Gunpowder Depot") detention camp, in which Bosniak men were detained.

During the course of evidence presentation, Vesna Tupajic-Skiljevic, Zeljaja's Defence attorney, said she had still not obtained all the items of evidence that she intended to present, adding that she would complete the presentation at the next hearing.

"For the time being we are introducing, as material evidence, an official note indicating irregularities pertaining to the statement of a protected Prosecution witness. We are also presenting a piece of evidence clearly demonstrating that one of the people killed in "Barutni magacin", was a member of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina," Tupajic- Skiljevic said.

The indictment filed by the State Prosecution alleges that almost all male residents of Kalinovik and the the surrounding villages were detained in "Barutni magacin". They were allegedly held in inhumane conditions, taken to the front lines, physically abused and eventually deprived of their lives.

The trial is due to continue on September 23, 2009, when the Defence will complete its presentation of material evidence.

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