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19 August 2014

Bosnia Arrests Five Mostar War Crimes Suspects

Albina Sorguc BIRN BiH Sarajevo
The Bosnian State Investigation and Protection Agency has arrested five Bosniak ex-soldiers suspected of illegally imprisoning and abusing Bosnian Croat civilians in the Mostar area during wartime.
The five former Bosnian soldiers, some of whom were also wardens of wartime detention facilities, were arrested on Tuesday morning, on suspicion of taking part in the illegal arrests and detentions of Bosnian Croats who they abused, tortured and sent to do forced labour, the Bosnian prosecution said.

The alleged abuses took place at the Omorikine and Skenderine wartime detention facilities and at a primary school in the village of Potoci, just north of Mostar, in 1993.

“More then 107 prisoners were held in detention, including women, children and elderly people, and several prisoners died,” said prosecution spokesperson Adisa Karacic.

The men’s full names have not yet been made public.

The State Investigation and Protection Agency identified them only by their initials, E.C. (born in 1956), H.C. (born in 1942), I.D. (born in 1955), S.K. (born in 1964) and M.K. (born in 1965).

The men will be taken to the agency’s Sarajevo headquarters and then delivered to the Bosnian state prosecution, which will question them and then decide whether to ask for custody remands or other restrictions on their movements.
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