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19 December 2014

Boskovic’s Trial Begins January 9

Albina Sorguc BIRN BiH Sarajevo

The trial of Srecko Boskovic, who is charged with crimes in the Zvornik area in July 1995, is due to begin on January 9 with reading of the indictment, presentation of introductory statement and examination of the first witness.

The trial start date and dynamics of evidence presentation were agreed at a status conference. During the conference it was suggested to the Prosecution to reduce the number of proposed pieces of material evidence.

“As one can see in the indictment, the Prosecution has proposed the examination of 17 witnesses and the presentation of 120 pieces of material evidence,” said Zoran Bozic, Chairman of the Trial Chamber with the Court of BiH.
Prosecutor Predrag Tomic said that the Prosecution would need a total of 32 working hours for examination of its witnesses and experts and two working days for presentation of material evidence.
Bozic said that he thought that the Prosecution proposed many redundant pieces of evidence.  

“As if the man were charged with genocide, not with crimes against the civilian population, involving one victim,” Bozic said, suggesting that the Prosecution ought to present evidence referring to the actions described in the indictment.
Boskovic, former member of the Republika Srpska Army, VRS, is charged with having committed crimes against the civilian population in Djulici village, Zvornik municipality, in mid-July 1995. VRS members committed mass shooting of Bosniaks, who were captured after the fall of Srebrenica, in that village.
According to the charges, Boskovic approached a boy, not older than 15, and told him that he was free to go. When the boy began walking away, he killed him from an automatic rifle. It is alleged that the boy’s body was dumped into a mass grave along with the bodies of other victims.
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