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12 May 2014

Bojadzic Challenged Rasema Handanovic's Testimony

Amer Jahic BIRN BiH Sarajevo

Nihad Bojadzic told the trial for crimes in Trusina (Konjic municipality) that he has never participated in action with Rasema Handanovic, convicted for the execution of six Croats in Trusina.

"I have never made contact with that person," said the defendant during the fifth day of his testimony.

Handanovic, former member of the Bosnian Army's Zulfikar Squad, pleaded guilty for the execution in Trusina on April 16 in 1993, and she was sentenced to five-and-a-half years in prison.

She said in her testimony, which was included in the plea agreement, that Bojadzic, former deputy commander of the Zulfikar Squad, ordered the execution.

The Defendant replied to that claim: "I would not have waited for the Bosnian Court to form. I would have been sentenced a long time ago."

Bojadzic said that he knew that Croatian Defence Council (HVO) had the possibility of intercepting the conversations through the means of communication.

"I know that they were listening. And even if they did not listen, I would not have done it. Those are pure fabrications," he said.

After the Defence attorney Vasvija Vidovic presented the documents from April 16 in 1993, defendants said that the documents show that the HVO had tapping equipment in the area of Konjic and Jablanica.

On trial for crimes in Trusina alongside Bojadzic are Mensur Memic, Dzevad Salcin and Nedzad Hodzic, all former members of the Zulfikar Squad, and Senad Hakalovic, a former soldier from the Neretvica Brigade of the Bosnian Army. According to the indictment, 18 civilians and four members of the HVO were killed in the attack on Trusina.

The Prosecution will examine Bojadzic on May 26.

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