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24 August 2009

Bastah et al: Additional Prosecution’s Evidence

In the coming period the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina will present additional evidence at the trial of Predrag Bastah and Goran Viskovic.
Due to the fact that en expert witness, invited by the Defence of Goran Viskovic, will not be able to appear before the Court until the second half of October, the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina will start presenting additional evidence at the trial for crimes committed in Vlasenica.

“We will have to change the planned course of evidence presenting,” Trial Chamber Chairman Zoran Bozic said. 

The State Prosecution charges Goran Viskovic, known as Vjetar, and Predrag Bastah, also known as Dragan or Tsar, with participating in a broad and systematic attack, as well as the deportation, murder, torture and rape of Bosniaks on the territory of Vlasenica during the course of 1992.

The indictment alleges that Bastah was member of reserve police forces at the time and Viskovic was member of the Republika Srpska Army, VRS. The Prosecution considers that the two men participated in actions, which “contributed to and strengthened the functioning of a detention camp abuse and persecution system” in Susica detention camp and other prisons in Vlasenica.

Prosecutor Sanja Jukic announced that she intended to examine three new witnesses and present seven pieces of material evidence during the course of additional evidence presenting. 

The State Prosecution completed its evidence presenting in January 2009. The Defence teams started presenting evidence three weeks later.
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