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11 July 2008

Basic: Prohibitive measures terminated

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has terminated all prohibitive measures against Veljko Basic, who is charged with crimes in the Vlasenica area.
Due to his poor health and according to the Defence's proposal, the Trial Chamber has decided to terminate the prohibitive measures against Veljko Basic, who is charged with crimes against Bosniaks from the Vlasenica area.

The State Prosecution charges Basic, as former manager of the "Susica" detention camp and member of the Interior Ministry of Republika Srpska, with having participated in crimes against civilians in the Vlasenica area from April to September 1992.

In late January 2008 the State Court ordered certain prohibitive measures against Basic, including a ban on leaving Vlasenica municipality, a ban on changing his place of residence without the Court's permission, an obligation to report to the Police Station, a ban on contacting potential witnesses or suspects, as well as a ban on discussing the case with anybody else except his attorney.

The Defence filed a motion, requesting termination of the obligation to report to the police station, "which would enable the indictee to visit the hospital in Zvornik and receive medical treatment." This motion was filed after the doctors determined that he was "permanently incapable of following the trial."

Due to the indictee's health, in early July 2008 the Trial Chamber separated Basic's case from the indictment, by which the Prosecution charged Predrag Bastah and Goran Viskovic with the same crimes.

The indictment alleges that Bastah and Viskovic, "by acting and abetting others to act, contributed to and strengthened the functioning of the mistreatment and persecution system" in "Susica" detention camp and in other prisons in Vlasenica in 1992.
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