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2 March 2016

Ahmetbasic Trial Begins April 4

Mirsad Arnautovic BIRN BiH Brcko
The basic court of Brcko District has scheduled the start of the Mirsad Ahmetbasic trial for Monday, April 4. Ahmetbasic has been charged with crimes against civilians and prisoners of war.
At a status conference, prosecutor Radmilo Ivanovic said he planned to invite 21 witnesses and two expert witnesses to testify. He also said he would include material evidence in the case file.

Ivanovic said that since some witnesses were dead, while others were sick or not available, their statements would be read in the courtroom.

Defense attorney Mirsad Islamovic said the defense planned to invite less than ten witnesses to testify.

Ahmetbasic, a former member of the 108th Brigade of the Croatian Defense Council for Bosanska Posavina with the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, has been charged with mentally and physically abusing detained Serb civilians whom he guarded on the former “Okrajci” forest grounds, near Brcko, on several occasions.

At the first hearing, scheduled for April 4, the indictment will be read and the first three prosecution witnesses will be examined.
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