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About the Programme

BIRN BiH’s Justice Series programme is the organization’s flagship effort that was launched in 2005. The Justice Series programme aims to increase understanding of and support for the work of the war crimes trials in Bosnia and Herzegovina by offering impartial information about war crime trials and other pillars of transitional justice. Through objective and reliable reporting on issues of the past, BIRN BiH and the Justice Series continues to contribute to the establishment of truth and reconciliation.

Under the Justice Series, BIRN BiH has established four projects:

Justice Report News Agency

The Justice Report project includes daily reporting from war crimes courts in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as investigative reports and analysis on local and regional transitional justice, an extensive online archive, and coverage of trials at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.

Radio Justice

Because radio is the most popular traditional medium in the country, the Justice Series is able to reach a much wider audience by cooperating with large numbers of local radio stations. Besides daily courtroom reports, Radio Justice includes the production of three other editions. Weekly Radio Magazine focuses on the most important trials before the Court of BiH. Local Justice Under the Spotlight is broad-casted monthly, and it focuses on trials in different local Cantonal and District courts in BiH. Finally, the Hague Chronicle is a weekly, five-minute detailed overview of trials that are held before the ICTY.

TV Justice

BIRN BiH’s editorial team produces monthly 30-minute programmes that are broadcasted across the country. The programme includes three parts, starting with Justice News, a report on the latest developments before the War Crimes Chamber of the Court of BiH. The show continues with the Justice in Focus segment, an in-depth analysis of a key trial currently in session, and concludes with Justice TV Reconstruction, which includes short documentaries on war crimes and interviews with citizens.

Transparency of Judiciary and Responsibility of Media

The project provides an in-depth analysis of local courts and training to journalists. In this project, BIRN BiH analyzes the level of transparency at local courts and prosecution offices and formulates recommendations for the smoother and more efficient processing of war crimes.

For more specific information on the projects of the Justice Series, please visit BIRN BiH’s Programme website:



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